8 Benefits of IT Managed Services You Can’t Afford to Ignore

8 Benefits of IT Managed Services You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Not so long ago, businesses only had to focus on their core offer: selling products, providing services and managing customers. However, with the emergence of digital technology—from cloud storage and IP telephony to mobile applications—every business has also had to become an IT business. And that means they have to make decisions about how that IT is managed. 

That’s where IT Managed Services (ITMS) come in. ITMS is an outsourcing model where a third-party provider takes over the management and maintenance of your company’s IT infrastructure. Services can include round-the-clock monitoring of your network, server maintenance, cloud-based storage, cybersecurity and troubleshooting—with ITMS, problems are often fixed before you realise there’s an issue. 

Having one firm manage all such services can massively reduce the strain on your in-house team and deliver technological and productivity gains you only dreamed of before. Here are  8 of the biggest benefits you can expect with ITMS. 

#1: Predictable monthly costs 

With ITMS, you get access to carrier-grade hardware, cloud storage and specialist software as part of one single package. A fixed monthly payment means you’ll know what services you’re getting and how much they will cost over the life of the contract, making it much easier for you to budget for your IT expenses. 

#2: Enhanced resilience and security 

A managed service provider’s managed network and data centres tend to be much more robust than a company’s own systems. Their infrastructure will follow strict international standards for security, encryption, attack prevention, backup and control – and it’s managed 24/7. You can expect uptimes around 99.99% plus a solid downtime response plan to keep you productive if something goes wrong. 

#3. Streamlines operations for optimum efficiency 

ITMS helps standardise procedures across the company so everyone works by the same best practices. It’s always easier to raise productivity when all teams are on the same page and processes aren’t bogged down by legacy systems, manual procedures or disruption to service from outages or cyber-attacks. 

#4: 24/7 monitoring & support 

Imagine this – it’s 10 pm and you’re putting the final touches to a critical pitch deck when your server goes down. Your in-house IT team won’t be able to help until the next morning but you have to be on the road by 7 am. With ITMS, you don’t have such worries – your managed service provider is monitoring your systems around the clock. In fact, they probably spotted the issue before you did and will be working hard to get it fixed, often before you know there’s a problem.  

#5: Access to specialist expertise 

Today’s IT infrastructure often requires specialist skill sets. Sometimes you only need to use this skill set once, for example, when rolling out a new system or software. Budget-wise, it probably doesn’t make sense to train staff for skills they’ll never use again, but that’s something you don’t have to worry about in the managed services world. With ITMS, you get access to a whole range of ready-trained experts you can call on when needed, and the assurance that the job’s being done right. 

#6: Eliminates compliance headaches 

From GDPR to ISO Standards and specific rules governing the healthcare, e-commerce, financial, education and legal sectors, compliance is increasingly critical and a huge burden for businesses. Managed IT services reduce the compliance headache. Trained experts are responsible for making sure your data meets industry standards, which lowers the burden on your in-house teams. 

#7: Scalability 

One of the major benefits of ITMS is it allows you to “grow as you go.” It’s easy to scale your service levels to accommodate changes in demand, new staff members or the introduction of new technologies. Some providers will even let you scale up your services during your busy season and scale down again when you’re less busy. It’s completely flexible. 

#8: Future-proofs your business 

Leading managed service providers use best-of-breed technology to deliver services and keep them constantly upgraded at no additional cost to you. So, you never have to worry that your systems will become obsolete. You’ll also get advice on new technologies, helping you make better investment decisions and stay on the cutting edge of your industry. 


All in all, IT managed services can provide significant benefits to businesses of all sizes. From reducing costs and increasing efficiency to supporting business growth, having a managed service provider on your side is a smart move – one you can’t afford to ignore. 


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