How we’ll keep you safe and secure  

Firewall management

Your first and most important line of defence.

We’ll set-up, monitor, and maintain it to keep your systems and data secure. 

Anti-virus and malware

As an AVAST/AVG Partner we can provide the best protection. Thanks to real-time smart scanning, faster detection, and immediate updates, you’ll be ready for ransomware, zero-day malware, phishing, in-memory exploits.  

Encryption and Data Backup

We partner with Microsoft and Arcserve to keep your information safe. With modern threats you need to go beyond passwords, we use tools like two-factor authentication and BitLocker to make high-tech security simple. 

Antispam and Email filtering

Our robust protection from spam and phishing attempts filters mail before it lands in your inbox. It’s real-time, continuous protection from ever-evolving threats. 

Disaster Recovery

A secure encrypted offsite data backup is a vital safety net. If something does go wrong, it means your business can keep running smoothly while we get things back on track. Find out more about our Disaster Recovery service.

Connecting the dots of cyber security

All businesses have different demands. We’ll assess the size, nature, and possible risks to your business and put in place a tailored cyber security plan. 

Bespoke cyber security is included for all our IT Support and Managed Services clients.