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Guide to Connectivity
From broadband to leased lines and everything in between

Leased Lines

A leased line is a dedicated 1 to 1 connection from the customer’s premises to the Ethernet core network and is a high performance, secure, permanently available and fast connection.

By using a bearer with a Committed Data Rate (CDR) (e.g. 100Mbps bearer with 20Mbps CDR) the solution is also scalable, enabling you to accommodate future growth requirements. Our solutions are fully supported and provide a comprehensive 100% SLA with a choice of backup options and includes managed hardware as standard.

Leased lines are the highest performing connectivity solution, but resiliency options are available for added peace of mind. This can include having additional lines put in place with different carriers either using the same or different routes and exchanges. Full resilience with diverse entry to the building, connections to different exchanges and interconnects into the network are also available.

  • Dedicated, high performance 1:1 connection
  • Symmetrical speeds of up to 10Gbps

  • Comprehensive service level guarantees including 100% Service Level Agreements and choice of back-up options
  • Managed hardware included as standard

  • Scalable solution
  • Widely available across the UK from a choice of multiple carriers, including on-net to CityFibre in 29 towns and cities across the UK
  • Longer installation times and higher costs than other services

Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC)

Unlike standard copper-based broadband, FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet) partly utilises fibre-based infrastructure that can deliver potentially faster speeds and greater reliability.

FTTC uses the existing copper infrastructure from the premises to the cabinet and then fibre infrastructure from the cabinet to the exchange and onto the provider’s core network. This means FTTC can deliver speeds of up to 80Mbps download and 20Mbps upload.

Like standard broadband, FTTC remains a contended service with no service guarantees. It is available in a choice of monthly allowance packages including an unlimited offering. It provides a cost-effective solution with significant speeds.

  • Available in a wide range of packages

  • Increased speeds of up to 80Mpbs
  • No service guarantees
  • Contended service – meaning your connection may be adversely affected by others during busy periods

Wireless Ethernet

Wireless Ethernet is delivered using radio and microwave technology and provides reliable connectivity of between 10Mbps to 2Gbps. It is somewhat limited in its availability, but where available is suitable for those with an immediate need for high speed connection.

Like other Ethernet services, wireless Ethernet offers the peace of mind afforded by a robust Service Level Agreement and 6-hour return to service guarantee. And while not as robust as a piece of fibre in the ground, it can be suitable as an interim solution while a leased line is being provisioned, or as a backup solution for use in failover situations.

  • Low latency
  • Symmetrical speeds of up to 2Gbps
  • Service guarantees including 100% SLA, 6 business hour return to service guarantee

  • 100% independence from BT exchanges
  • Fast delivery – 25 days from landlord approval
  • Limited availability

Standard copper-based broadband

What’s typically known as ‘standard broadband’ is ADSL or ADSL2+, which uses copper to deliver traffic to the network. Our copper-based broadband services are available as rate adaptive ADSL (with speeds of up to 8Mbps) or ADSL2+ services (with speeds of up to 24Mbps)

As well as providing internet access at different ‘up to’ speeds, broadband uses bandwidth. Our own broadband services are available in a choice of unlimited or monthly allowance-based packages to meet varying business and residential usage requirements.

However, due to the contended nature of broadband, they don’t provide any form of service guarantee. Whilst this may be suitable for some business users, where reliability and resilience are business critical, broadband may not always be the most suitable option.

  • Available in a wide range of packages
  • Widely available across the UK

  • No service guarantees
  • Contended service
    Your connection may be adversely affected by other users during busy periods

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